IBM Verify Credentials

July, 2020

New Features

  • Connections are now established using invitations, which are communicated to another agent out of band.
  • Messages can be sent between agents over secure connections.
  • Added support for Aries Interop Profile v1.0. IBM Verify Credentials agents can now communicate and exchange information with other agents that implement this profile.
  • Credential schemas and credential definitions published by issuers in the agency are now discoverable by other agents.
  • Agents can now interact with ledgers other than the default ledger.
  • Added support for transaction author + endorser roles.

openssi-websdk is available for developers which leverages the above capabilities

  • Added support for Aries Interop Profile v1.0 invitation QR codes.
  • New QR Code types can be read by IBM Verify Credentials mobile app to establish connections, request credentials and request verifications.


  • You can no longer connect directly to another agent using an agent URL or agent name.