IBM Verify Credentials Platform Release History


This document lists the IVC releases - Features, Enhancements, Upgrades, Bug fixes

Content History

Release Date Features and Enhancements Bug Fixes
2 May-22 Fixed all security issues
1.2.8 Nov-21 1. Multiple credential verification is getting failed

2. Proof details on multi-credential verification with common cred defs contains incorrect icons.

3. In verification if cred_filter is present with proof_request_referent, normal restrictions on other referents effected
1.2.7 Oct-21 1. Performance improvement in not getting agents metadata multiple times

2. Performance improvement in not getting agents metadata multiple times

3. Add credential-level support for cred_filter in verifications.
1. Automated certificate renewal failure with Error "cert is not defined".

2. Attribute with empty string value throws exception during verification.

3. Unable to add new ledger to my agent or root agent.

4. BBCU sample account creation failing on agency.ibmsecurity.
1.2.6 Aug-21 1. Holder to be able to send another proposal after credential is issued

2. Show account actions when retrieving account info

3. Add BBS+ Signature support

4. Switching the ledger from sovereign to Bedrock as sovereign is going to charge from 16th Sep
1. Credential attribute name case change during verification process.
1.2.5 Jul-21 1. Add ability for account holder to change password in UI.
1.2.4 Jun-21 1. As a holder I might want to automatically accept credentials in bulk. (

2. Implement the ITSS password requirements for password length, complexity, uniqueness and secure storage.

3. Show password update time in agency view

4. Check for invalid password that might be generated when automatically generating one for agent
1. If multiple VCs use the same cred refs but with different icons, proof details view may show incorrect icon next to proven traits

2. Save screen capture setting for Android
1.2.3 May-21 1. Proof Deletion feature on the UI (

2. Connection icon and nickname not set when scanning connection invitation

3. Add text to navigation buttons

4. Pending credentials and proofs should be accepted without additional popup
1. GET /verifications contains verifier_did=holder_did when holder makes query. (
1.2.2 Apr-21 1. Support for GET credential_definitions?all

1. cred filter is not saved while creating proof schema

2. GET /credentials contains issuer_did=holder_did when holder makes query
1.2.1 Mar-21 1. Reset agent password without being able to discover the new password (

2. Support credential filtering for holder based on attribute values (

3. Account Mapping with Invitation Code

4. Upgrade of K8S Worker nodes from v 1.18.13_1536 to 1.19.8_1538
1. Issue credentials fails when attribute values have special characters
1.2 2020 Technical Preview 2
1 2019 Technical Preview 1