IBM Verify Credentials Platform Release History


This document lists the IVC releases - Features, Enhancements, Upgrades, Bug fixes

Content History

Release Date Features and Enhancements Bug Fixes
2.3 May-21 1. Proof Deletion feature on the UI (

2. Connection icon and nickname not set when scanning connection invitation

3. Add text to navigation buttons

4. Pending credentials and proofs should be accepted without additional popup
1. GET /verifications contains verifier_did=holder_did when holder makes query. (
2.2 Apr-21 1. Support for GET credential_definitions?all
1. cred filter is not saved while creating proof schema

2. GET /credentials contains issuer_did=holder_did when holder makes query
2.1 Mar-21 1. Reset agent password without being able to discover the new password (

2. Support credential filtering for holder based on attribute values (

3. Account Mapping with Invitation Code

4. Upgrade of K8S Worker nodes from v 1.18.13_1536 to 1.19.8_1538
1. Issue credentials fails when attribute values have special characters
2 2020 Technical Preview 2
1 2019 Technical Preview 1