This release serves as a baseline of functionality to educate potential consumers and motivate the development of SSI applications. It provides the basic building blocks for each stakeholder in a SSI ecosystem (Issuer, Holder, Verifier).


Target Audience

This release is intended for the following target users:

Persona Description Benefit
Architect SSI Solution Architect Become familiar with SSI concepts and test-drive end-to-end demos of SSI applications.
Strategists Security and/or IAM strategists Become familiar with SSI concepts and test-drive end-to-end demos of SSI application capability.
Developer Solution Developer Learn how to develop Issuer and/or Verifier Applications within an overall SSI solution.

Jumpstart your SSI adoption journey

The IBM Verify Credentials documentation is organized as an education and awareness journey with a goal of inspiring businesses and organizations to begin their SSI adoption roadmap.

Action Purpose
Learn Build your knowledge-base of SSI concepts.
Prepare Gather the necessary components and register.
Explore Get acquainted with the IBM Verify Credentials Agency, Mobile App and Chrome Browser Extension by interacting with a live demo environment.
Develop Experience several instructional tutorials.


There are several ways to begin your SSI education. For starters, we suggest reading the Learn section of this documentation. We also recommend referencing the resources available on the IBM Blockchain Trusted Identity Solutions website.


To begin your journey with IBM Verify Credentials, you must complete a few preparatory tasks:

Step Purpose
Create Account Register with the IBM Verify Credentials Agency and create your first Agent.
Install App Use Apple TestFlight or Google Play to obtain and install the IBM Verify Credentials Mobile App.
Install Software Download and install the IBM Verify Credentials Chrome Extension.

These steps can be performed using the Account Registration process.


Visit the Exploration Guide to begin your interactive experience with a live demonstration environment.


Dive into development activities using the Developer's Guide.