IBM Verify Credentials is a portfolio of products, solutions and services that enable businesses, governments and individuals to issue, manage and verify digital credentials.


Your Identity. Safe and Secure.

Our daily interactions, both physical and digital, require that we can prove who we are, what we have accomplished and what we do with absolute certainty or conviction. We must be able to convey our personal data, our reputation and our accomplishments in a secure trusted manner with confidence and certitude.

Web of Trust.

A web of trust is built over time. People acquire driver's licenses, libray cards, rewards cards, diplomas, professional certifications, insurance cards and employee badges. As you interact with others with whom you have no previous relationship, like a notary public or a pharmacy technician, you may need to share personal, sensative information. Which on its surface, seems like a very bad idea. But because these individuals can produce credentials (like an employment badge or notary certificate) issued by parties that you trust and you likewise can produce information issued by parties that they trust, you can conduct your business these indifivuals with a certain level of confidence. If the transaction is a success, then you may spread the word to others and the web of trust grows.

Now imagine a world where you can control the flow of personal identifying information digitally. As we transition from bulky wallets and purses to convenient and pervasive devices, we gain the flexibility to share and store identities across unlimited secure devices. Freedom of choice, mobile convenience, security and storage are all important elements of a web of trust in the future.

Convenient Identification. Fast and Simple.

With the world moving to make everything digital, why should your identity be left behind? Having access to your birth certificate, driver's license, rewards cards, and many other identifying documents available on all of your devices means you can quickly and securely interface with the modern world.

Certainty. Confidence, Assurance.

Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) is is much more than an vision, it is a recognized community movement towards the preservation of lifetime portable digital identity for any person, organization, or connected device that does not depend on any centralized authority and can never be taken away.

IBM is a dedicated member of the SSI community. Our objective is to help issuers, verifiers and identity owners to insert trust into our digital identity management activities. Decentralized identity solutions empower Issuers to inject trust into the ecosystem, Identity Holders to share authentic data from the original sources of truth and Verifiers can be assured of the reliability of the data being shared.