What browser and mobile iOS versions are supported by this offering?

  • Mobile Devices:
    • iOS v10+ and associated devices
    • Android Pie 9+ (API 28+)
  • Browser Extension:
    • Chrome Browser

Why aren't credentials populating on my mobile device?

The agent you are sending/receiving credentials with might not be activated on your mobile device. To make an agent active, go to your profile in the app, click on 'manage agents', and choose the correct agent. Toggle on the 'Active' state in the specific agent and save those settings. Learn more...

What do I do if I am unable to install the mobile app?

If you have issues installing the IBM Verify Credentials mobile app, please contact us at ibm-identity-agent-help@ibm.pagerduty.com For more information on installing the mobile app from TestFlight or Google Play, click here. For more information about the mobile app, click here

What should I do if I get connection or proof request on my smartphone and in my browser simultaneously?

You have attempted to access a web application that is requesting a connection or attempting send a proof request. Since you are logged into the Chrome Extension and have the Mobile App open you will receive notifications at both edge devices. You can resolve using one of these options:

  1. Logoff from the Chrome extension
  2. Close the Mobile App and use the Chrome extension
  3. Click on X (dismiss) button in the Chrome Extension dialog as depicted in the diagram below. Do not click on No button as it will reject the transaction.

dismiss button example