Mobile App Installation

When you create an Agency Account, you will receive an email welcoming you. In this email you will find a link that can be used to obtain the IBM Verify Credentials mobile app. If you are reading this email on your mobile device, tap or click on the link to start the process. Otherwise manually enter the web address in a browser on your mobile device. Once loaded, follow the instructions on the web page.

iOS Device

Acquire Mobile App

The IBM Verify Credentials Mobile App is available on iOS through Apple's TestFlight. To use TestFlight, you must first install the TestFight app available in Apple's App Store. If you don't have it installed and try to acquire the IBM Verify Credentials mobile app, you will be given the opportunity to install the TestFlight app at that time.

Install Testflight and Mobile App

Once you have navigated to our link on TestFlight, you will be prompted to download TestFlight if you haven't already. After installing the TestFlight mobile app from the Apple App Store, you can re-visit your browser to follow the next step, installing the IBM Verify Credentials mobile app on your device.

Android Device

Acquire Mobile App

After loading the web page of the Google Play Store on your Android device, you may be presented with different options such as installing the app from the web page or to open the Google Play app to our app's page. It is recommended to install the mobile app directly through the Google Play app.


Currently, the Android app requires that you have enabled the screen lock with a PIN on the device you are installing on.

Because the Android mobile app is in the Google Play Beta store and access is restricted, you will need to provide us with the Google ID currently in use on your Android device. It should be the same Google ID that you use for accessing the Google Play app.