We have provided a live demo environment for getting acquainted with the components of IBM Verify Credentials. The GitHub repo, verify-creds-samples, provides instructions for going through a set of demos for the first time. After you complete the demos you can begin the journey of developing your one instance of the demo environment and then you can learn how to issue and verify your own custom credentials. Use these if you're going through these demos for the first time.

To begin, open a browser tab for each of the following Issuing web applications and then follow the instructions in the subsequent sections.

Note: In order to participate in the live demo, you'll need to have already registered for an IBM Verify Credentials account.

Password-less Authentication

Several institutions, including a fictional DMV called Gov DMV and a fictional company called IBM, have begun issuing verifiable credentials. Gov DMV requires customers to show up at a physical location with traditional, paper-based documents to verify their identity before they can be issued a credential. IBM's HR department performs background checks to determine whether their prospective employees are who they claim to be. Both institutions are investing time and resources to ensure the digital credentials they issue are trustworthy.

Big Blue Credit Union has decided to take advantage of these investments to reduce KYC costs when creating new accounts at their bank. They allow new customers to sign up for checking accounts on their website, using credentials issued by institutions such as Gov DMV and IBM. Once customers have an account at BBCU, they can use a credential issued by BBCU to sign in to their online banking portal without the need to type in a password.

You will be able to see this process in action by following the instructions below:

P2P Verification

Verifiable credentials aren't just useful for interactions between businesses and consumers. In the demos below, you'll see how end-users can exchange verifiable information with each other.