The panel that users initially see when visiting their agencies is the agency account dashboard. This panel allows users to manage their agents. A newly created agency contains a single agent. This is considered the admin agent of the agency. Each agent will have its own wallet however every agent can be accessed by any user logging onto the agency account.

Add an Agent


Most users will only ever have a single agent in their agency, but are allowed to have up to 10 available at any time. Examples of who might like multiple agents could be a family with dependents or a developer or student learning the ecosystem and wanting to test as different types of users.

To create an agent, simply click on the Add Agent tile. A slideout will appear. Enter a new agent name in the Agent Name field, then select whether the agent will also be used to issue verifiable credentials. When ready, click on the Create Agent button and a new tile will be created in the Agency Account Dashboard.

To leave the Add New Agent slideout without creating a new agent, simply select the Cancel button or clicking on the X in the upper right corner of the slideout.

Agent Information

To see information about a given agent, select that agent from the Agency Account Dashboard. You will be taken to the Agent Details panel for that agent.

Account Navigation

Once you enter the Agent Details panel of an agent, you can get back to the Agency Account Dashboard by selecting Account Dashboard from the user dropdown menu or clicking on the IBM Verify Credentials name in the upper left corner of any page.

User Menu



If you encounter issues while using the IBM Verify Credentials offerings and would like to report them, guidance on how to provide information about your issue is available by clicking on the Support menu item from the User Menu.

After selection, a slideout will appear providing an email address where information can be emailed. Also on this slideout will appear the version number for your Agency Account. Please include the following information when reporting an issue:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your account number
  • The name of the agent you were using when you encountered the issue
  • Agency Account version number
  • Describe the issue encountered
  • What you were doing when the issue occurred


To logout of the Agency Account Dashboard, select Logout from the User Menu on any page.

Note: The logout action will log the user out of IBM ID. Other tabs in this web browser using IBM ID may require you to login again to continue using them.

Delete Agency Account


In order to delete your Agency Account and all of the agents that it contains, select Delete Account from the User Menu on the Agency Account Dashboard. This will delete all wallets (and their contents) associated with agents created by the account.

After selecting the menu item, the Delete Account slideout will appear, displaying your account URL. In order to enable the delete button, please manually enter, or copy and paste, your account URL in the textfield. Then select the Delete pushbutton.

Please keep in mind that ALL of your information and verifiable credentials contained in this account will be irretrievably destroyed.

Terms and Conditions

After selecting the Terms and Conditions item from the User Menu on the Agency Account Dashboard, a new browser window or tab will open in the web browser displaying the Terms and Conditions that was agreed to when this account was created.