Before you begin your journey as a developer using IBM Verify Credentials Agency Account APIs, you need to setup your developer environment.

For general information, you may also want to see getting started and explore our live demo environment.

Account Preparation

First, you must login to your account. Your agency account dashboard will look similar to the following:


Initially you will have a single agent with the name which you provided when creating your account. In the example above, the name of the agent provided was admin but you may provide any name.

Environment Variables

After you have created your account, you need to determine your account ID and password.

From your Agency Account Dashboard, click on the top right corner and select Account to see your Account Details panel. On this panel, you will see your account ID and password.

Set the following environment variables:

export URL=
export ACCOUNT=<account-id>:<account-pass>


  • <account-id> is your Account Id;
  • <account-pass> is your Account Password.

These environment variables will be used in the remainder of this tutorial.

Now that your environment is setup, let's get started by creating agents.