With IBM Verify Credentials, you can begin your journey of exploring the benefits of decentralized identity. We have provided an interactive experience centered around the challenge of proving your identity while opening a financial account. Additionally, we will walk you through the development of your first end-to-end decentralized identity solution.

You will first obtain two credentials: one issued by a fictional government and one from IBM HR, your fictional employer. You will then use those credentials to open a financial account with BigBlue Credit Union.

Once you’ve experienced this interactive exploration, you can build your own decentralized identity applications that emulate other issuances and verifications of credentials.


Step 1: Prepare

Create your account to deploy and manage agents. Then download the mobile app via TestFlight or Google Play Store to manage credentials on mobile devices and the IBM Verify Credentials Chrome Extension to interact with the ecosystem from your desktop.

Step 2: Explore

Once you establish an account and configure the mobile app and browser extension, use provided sample apps to get your first verifiable credential from a government institution and IBM HR. You will then use that issued credential to prove who you are to BigBlue Credit Union.

Step 3: Develop

Clone the IBM Verify Credentials Samples to start developing your decentralized identity application. The samples, combined with the OpenSSI Web SDK, provide a simplified experience to programmatically issue and verify credentials.

Step 4: Promote

When you develop a decentralized identity application, the next step is to tell everyone about what you’ve done – and the value you’ve discovered. Ask your peers to obtain a decentralized identity from the application you built!